Elle Meredith

Elle is a full stack web developer with more than ten years experience, a passion for web standards and a unique background that bridges the gap between the front- and back-end. She employs best–practice techniques to deliver clean, functional and user–friendly websites. In 2007, she discovered Ruby and has since been building web applications with Ruby, Rails, Haml, Sass, Coffeescript and other such awesome technologies. She recently started learning Haskell, and would like to play with Elixir, and React.

In 2013 and 2014 Elle organised Rails Girls events in Sydney, RubyConfAU 2014, and was a member of the Ruby Australia committee.

In 2015 Elle moved to New York to work with thoughtbot and on the way co-organised Gotham Ruby Conference, and started a monthly work jelly for women in tech.

In 2016, Elle co-organised Rails Camp USA East Coast at the Catskills, NY as well as GORUCO X.

Work values

Lately, people have been asking me what are the things I look for at a workplace. Different people value different things. For example, some would like to work on a product that will make a difference. Others would like to work where at diverse workplaces or with other parents where there are good family benefits. Some want parts of each of those, and more. Here are mine:

  • Work with friends (so work is not just a job)
  • Write clean code accompanied with tests (so there is not a constant pressure to push out features without any regard to the quality of the code)
  • Has a learning and self-growth culture (preferably with people I can learn from)
  • Has good work etiquette and respect for peers (code reviews is a great place to check that)
  • Maintain work-life balance (so there is no expectation to work late)
  • Flexible with remote work
  • Allow for autonomy and agency
  • Good pay

I can work without some of these things, but I typically choose not to.

Whatever you value, whether it is working on new languages or an exciting project, I hope you define for yourself what makes you happy and productive at work.


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